March 20, 2023

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Once Upon A Time In Old Hollywood

Capricorn One 1977

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capricorn one

Capricorn One could have been a much better film. How ever I did enjoy this film very much. The story was much better than the acting performances. It was both in the fantasy and science fiction categories in my opinion. Well what if we did not go to Mars that was the premise. The technology wasn’t ready, and the mission had to be faked.

A very good story. James Brolin is the star and the Captain of the Capricorn One spaceship. This film has good supporting players. We have O.J Simpson, and also Sam Waterston. They are forced to go along with the ruse managed by Hal Holbrooks character who is always comes through in a very good sinister bad guy role

A list actors like Hoffman or Redford would have been expensive

I’m sure A lister actors if offered major roles of the pilots, but they were probably be expensive. I like Brolin as an actor, but he never really broke through to super stardom in my opinion. He managed for years to sit in a long TV role co starring with veteran actor Robert Young’s Marcus Welby MD. James Brolins direct contemporaries by the late to mid 1970’s. Were Robert Redford, Richard Dreyfuss, Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, John Voight, and Jack Nicholson. During this time these actors would have been a little expensive to cast. However James Brolin was starring in films by the late 70’s like Westworld, The Car which was pretty silly, and The Amityville Horror not to bad, but very silly towards the end.

I’m sure he was pretty inexpensive I’m sure. Elliott Gould plays a newspaper reporter who breaks the story. I like the film a lot and watch it when it come on. I think it was based on the conspiracy that we didn’t go to the moon. Capricorn One has very good supporting roles of Hal Holbrook, Brenda Vaccaro, Karen Black, Denise Nichols, and Telly Savalas. I can see a remake of this with the bigger stars of today. Maybe a Netflix film or a short series.

Capricorn One was directed by Peter Hyams

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