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Once Upon A Time In Old Hollywood

Sidney Poitier’s Finest Year

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The great Academy Award winning actor Sidney Poitier had probably the best year any actor could possibly have starring in three films that were very successful. On top of that playing opposite against 2 veteran legends of old Hollywood. Sidney Poitier starred in To Sir With Love, In The Heat Of The Night, and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner all in the year 1967

I did see In The Heat Of The Night in the theater probably some time in 1968 at a drive Inn at Sunnyvale Ca. I do not remember much about the movie, I was 7 years old.

I might have seen Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner as well. To Sir With Love have no recollection seeing it on the big screen. All three of these films are night, and day different characters of each other Which gives them all a very special quality.

Sidney Poitiers after these three films his acting career for some reason wasn’t really was kind of mediocre. He did 2 other films as the Virgil Tibbs character with They Call Me Mr Tibbs, and The Organization. In my opinion both films needed what In The Heat Of The Night. The direction of Norman Jewison for both of these films to work.

This was the first cop franchise, and the first where all three were filmed in color. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner kind of ended the old Hollywood era for The Great Hepburn and Tracy team, and it was a great film for Poitier to kind of close out the old Hollywood era as well of the late 1960’s

It was always fun when all these films would come on TV late or anytime if was a joy to watch them.

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