March 20, 2023

Lavish Lizard

Once Upon A Time In Old Hollywood

Strong Box 1955

1 min read

Starring Burt Lancaster Montgomery Clift Shirley MacLaine

Boyhood friends from the Yorkville section of New York City. Live a life of small time robberies as kids and young men. Clifts character Phillip wants to go straight, and go to college to be a lawyer, but long time buddy Jerry played by Lancaster wont let him because he saved his sister Irma played by Maclaine, and their Ruth played by Bette Davis mom from getting killed when they were kids.

There is one big heist that Clift knows about that he wont share with Lancaster unless hes give him his word that this is the last robbery. Great supporting cast Bette Davis Martin Balsam, Eartha Kitt, and Jeanne Craine Directed By Elia Kazan

Strongbox, Columbia Pictures 1955

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