March 20, 2023

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Once Upon A Time In Old Hollywood

Sports Movies A Few

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Sports movies are very difficult to pull off on the big screen. It has t be the right script the right sport, and most of all the right actor. Bio pics usually work if they are don’t correctly, and follow the right life person well. The best example is The Pride Of The Yankees from 1942 with Gary Cooper although Cooper had no baseball ability he pulled it off ok.

Their was no method acting back then if so he would have spent weeks or month at spring training with the Yankees. A very bad bio is William Bendix as The Babe. In The Babe Ruth Story from 1948;

I like Charlton Heston in a little film from 1969 called Number One, also James Garner In Grand Prix although somewhat miss cast. It was bleeding with Steve McQueen all over it.. Avery good bio was was Burt Lancaster in 1951’s Jim Thorpe All American.

Alan Alda in Paper Lion

Here a few others I enjoyed watching, also from 1951 Saturdays Heroes. Anthony Perkins in the Jimmy Piersall story with Fear Strikes Out from 1957; Robert Redford pulled of skiing in Down Hill Racer with Gene Hackman out of 1969; Paper Lion from 1968 was a pretty good film as well. Of course John Garfield always played a great boxer, as he did in Body and Soul.

John Garfield Body And Soul

Robert Redford Downhill Racer
John Derek Saturdays Hero

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